Fast In-Home WiFi for Customers in Stanardsville

CenturyLink gives you the option to purchase or lease a modem. CenturyLink’s modem is $10/month to lease or $100 to buy outright and is able to connect all the devices in your home. You don’t even have to worry about setting anything up. When you choose CenturyLink a technician will come out to your home free of charge, set up your equipment, and ensure that everything is running properly.

High Speed Internet Service

FREE Local Calling in Stanardsville with CenturyLink Home Phone

CenturyLink Home Phone service offers customers three different plans to meet individual needs:

  • Basic Home Phone - A simple home phone that plan allows you to make unlimited local calls
  • Home Phone Plus - All the best calling features and a pay-as-you-go charge for people who only make occasional long distance calls
  • Home Phone Unlimited - A truly unlimited home phone plan with all the best features plus unlimited long distance calling

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High Speed Internet

CenturyLink has Multiple Entertainment Options for Customers in Stanardsville

If you are a CenturyLink Fiber customer, you are able to receive Prism TV through your fiber optic cable. Prism TV delivers enhanced sound and picture to boost your TV watching experience. Plus, you get all the added benefits of a highly rated cable provider including premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax. CenturyLink includes a whole-home DVR with every package so you never miss a second of your favorite shows and movies.

If CenturyLink Fiber is not available in your area, you are still able to bundle DirecTV with your internet service. DirecTV has always been the best provider for sports fanatics and movie buffs alike. Football season has never been better than with NFL Sunday Ticket, offered exclusively through DirecTV. Bundling DirecTV and CenturyLink saves you money on your monthly service bills.

CenturyLink High Speed Internet Service

Find the Right CenturyLink Internet Plan in Stanardsville

CenturyLink has multiple speed tiers that vary in availability based on your area. Customers have plenty of data to do everything need to:

  • Less than 7 Mbps- 300 GB
  • More than 7 Mbps- 600 GB
  • 1 Gig- Unlimited

But trying to understand what speeds you need can be a slightly more difficult. Below we breakdown the different speed tiers and kinds of activities they are good for. Keep in mind that speeds vary based on your individual address so be sure to call in and talk to one of our representatives about speeds in your area!

12 Mbps

  • Great for 1-2 devices
  • Ideal for people who enjoy casual browsing and some streaming

20 Mbps

  • Connect 2-4 devices
  • The perfect speeds for people who like streaming and gaming movies

40 Mbps

  • Connect 2-4 devices
  • Share all your photos with friends and family

1 Gig

  • Connect 6+ devices for the whole family
  • The best plan for serious gamers
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