Advantages of CenturyLink DSL Internet

CenturyLink DSL offers customers many benefits, including a reliable internet connection at competitive prices. Other benefits of CenturyLink include:

  • High availability because it uses existing telephone lines
  • Less expensive compared to Internet or other broadband connections
  • More bandwidth because there is a dedicated line to your home that does not have to be shared with neighbors
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Are There Any Limitations to CenturyLink DSL?

There are other faster kinds of broadband connections, but they usually are not as widely available as CenturyLink DSL and cost more. CenturyLink DSL is also sensitive to distance. When you request a page, that signal is sent to a central office to be identified. The further the central office is from your home, the longer it will take the signal travel from your home and back.

CenturyLink Now Offers Gigabit Internet!

Fiber optic is the most advanced kind of broadband internet available to customers and CenturyLink is now beginning to roll out fiber optics to customers. With this kind of connection , you can reach speeds of up to 1 Gbps! This next-generation internet service offers customers symmetrical upload and download speeds, meaning you can upload files to your computer at the same blazing fast speeds. Other advantages include:

  • Connect multiple advances without any speed interruptions
  • No lag for real-time games and video chatting
  • Back up all the photos, large files, and everything else on your hard drive in seconds
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How Do Gigabit Speeds Compare to Normal CenturyLink DSL?

25 Mbps
  • 5 MB Photo File- 1.6 seconds
  • 70 MB Music File- 22.4 seconds
  • 175 MB TV Show File- 56 seconds
  • 700 MB Movie File- 3.7 minutes
Gigabit Internet
  • 5 MB Photo File- 0.04 seconds
  • 70 MB Music File- .56 seconds
  • 175 MB TV Show File- 1.4 seconds
  • 700 MB Movie File- 5.6 seconds

Limited Availability for CenturyLink Fiber Optic Internet

Although there are many advantages to having CenturyLink Gigabit internet, its biggest drawback is its very limited availability. Due to the high cost of building the necessary infrastructure, CenturyLink currently only offers this service in 11 cities across the country.

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