About CenturyLink High-Speed DSL Internet

With CenturyLink Internet, your internet and voice signals are transferred over the same telephone line. You are able to reach speeds up to 100 Mbps, depending on your service address and because of upgraded technology, you do not experience any interruptions to your phone line when connected to CenturyLink Internet.

How CenturyLink Works

What is Required for a CenturyLink DSL Connection?

In order to connect to the internet with CenturyLink, you will need to have the existing telephone wire outside your home. You will also need a modem that transmits the signals from your computer through an ethernet cable to the telephone wire. CenturyLink gives customers a few options when it comes to choosing a modem: you can rent one for $10/month, you can buy one from CenturyLink for $100, or you can purchase your own compatible modem. If the modem has to share a wall jack with your phone line, you will need a filter so the connection do not cross and you can use the phone while surfing the internet.

All CenturyLink internet plans come with a free professional installation where this equipment will be set up and tested to make sure it is running properly. Once you get everything installed, CenturyLink will provide you with a username and password that is required for internet access.

CenturyLink Works

How Does a CenturyLink DSL Connection Work?

Below we explain how the basic process of how CenturyLink is able to connect you to the internet:

  1. A request for connection is made by your computer
  2. The signal travels down the ethernet to the modem
  3. The signal continues through the modem and down the wall jack
  4. Telephone lines outside your home carry the signals to your neighborhood CenturyLink Central Office
  5. Once there, CenturyLink will find the request and then send the signal back to your computer
  6. Finally, your request is made and you are able to carry out the activity
CenturyLink Internet

About CenturyLink Gigabit Internet

CenturyLink has begun to roll out fiber optic internet in select areas across the country. Customers with fiber internet are able to reach speeds of up to 1 Gig, which is one of the fastest residential internet speeds available. Through a series of acquisitions, CenturyLink continues to expand fiber offerings. CenturyLink offers Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), meaning you have a direct fiber line running to your home. Below we explain the basic process of how fiber optic broadband works.

  1. Fiber optic cables have three main parts: the core, the cladding, and the exterior buffer
  2. When you request a page, a signal is sent to core at the center of cable
  3. The cladding reflects the signal which allows it to travel down the cable. The exterior coating is what helps the signal stay on the cable.
  4. The signal is reflected back to your computer at the speed of light allowing for a super fast connection.
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